Fender refurb

I needed to remove the drivers side fender to remove the door so I decided to refurb both fenders as they were coated in surface rust. The spashguards were falling to pieces so I’ll replace them also.

I started with the drivers side.

I attacked it with a wire brush to get the worst of the surface rust off. I also removed the splash guard as I have new rubber to install. To get the worst of the rust off I used a wire brush attachment on my drill. Once done I gave it a coat of rust inhibitor before coating it in underseal.

I painted the splash guard panel and then installed new rubber. This is attached with staples and was a really fiddly job but eventually it was done.

If I thought the front spashguard was painful the rear one was far worse. Eventually I had the staples (what a torture!!) in and it bolted back on the car. Then the fender itself, which went back on surprisingly easily.

I also painted the fender end door jam area whilst the door was off as shown in the two above pictures. On to the passenger side fender now….

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