Attaching rear license plate

Ok, so this is a simple thing, not really worth a page. But it’s been a long time coming and it feels like I’m on the home stretch now. I somehow managed to loose the old fasteners when I replaced the valance…actually I just realised they are probably on the old valance…ha! – Anyway, I…

So so close

Wow, it’s March 2023. The car has been off the road since before Christmas 2021 but there are just a few minor things left to do. The exhaust is done (see 2023 projects), the audio system is working (very important) and the rear license plate is back on the car. Next weekend I’m going to…


Ok, so not the most interesting post but it’s been a long time coming. The horn didn’t work when I got the car. I found that one of the plungers was broken and then found out I had a Grant horn hub which are notorious for issues and worse, fires! After a few false starts…

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