Drivers side floor pan replacement

What started as a small rust repair has morphed into a full blown floor pan replacement. After evaluating the state of the floor I’ve decided that the best course of action is to replace it and the toe board. At the same time I’m going to attempt to add a torque box, which were standard on later years but not present on a 66. I’m hoping this will provide additional chassis stiffness.

The floor had twisted upwards as a result of torque and weak welds/metal. The pictures below show the state of the metal under the seat platform. Lots of rust and I can see where someone in the past had simply welded another panel over the top of the old one. I found lots of mig wire still attached to the floor!

I have to wait until the new floor pan & other parts arrive before I can do any more cutting. Whilst I wait, I will remove the drivers side fender so I have space to fit the torque box.

It was a reasonably painless process to remove the fender other than one bolt that holds the front valance to the panel. You need to be an octopus to hold two 13mm wrenches in that tight spot. Fender was off in about 45 minutes.

Frustratingly it seems like no one has any torque boxes in stock. It might be 8 weeks before I get one but the toe board and short floor pan are on their way. Today I spent 5 minutes cutting the spot welds holding the seat platform against the tunnel. Very satisfying to get it off, especially without cutting holes in the tunnel.

I’ll be able to use this piece to test plug welds

I removed the headlight switch from the toe board and also disconnected the handbrake from under the car and removed the handbrake mechanism.

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