Drivers side torque box install

As the drivers side frame rail is patched and it seems the cracked window is due to chassis flex, I want to add as much stiffness as possible. 66’s didn’t come with torque boxes but they can be added 🙂

I’ve gone about this a bit backwards, mainly because I was concerned about getting the new floor and toe board in. I originally decided not to bother about the torque box, but have now decided I will weld in just the front part, which should provide a bit more chassis stiffness.

I have had to trim it a fair bit to where it fits ok.

A lot of tweaking was necessary before the gaps were workable. As I had to cut off the frame rail side flange to make it fit, I decided to weld on a new one which allowed me to plug weld it to the frame rail. It’s not pretty, but its in.

After grinding down the welds I coated it in anti rust primer. I’ll be covering this area in underseal but for now this is done!

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