Installing the speedo cable

When I replaced the rusty toe board I no longer had holes for the e-brake & speedo cables. The e-brake wasn’t an issue as I’m replacing it with a floor mount but I needed to reinstall the speedo cable.

Originally I thought I could leave it connected to the console, drill a hole in the toe board and bend it just enough to push it through however the end of the speedo cable, even with the gear removed is quite large and I didn’t really want to drill a large hole. I decided to remove it from the back of the gauge, drill the hole and thread it through from under the car.

Thankfully the seat and steering column were still out (good planning) as I had to lie on my back to get my hand up and behind the gauge. Amazingly it was only on very loosely so I was able to unscrew it without needing any tools.

Once out I drilled a pilot hole and then used my step drill bit to make a hole that would allow the nut to fit through. Once done I reinserted the gear end into the transmission, tightened the plate/nut and pushed the other end up through the hole I had drilled. Then I contorted myself again in order to push the cable into the gauge and tighten the nut.

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