Making a parcel shelf

The existing parcel shelf has warped from damp. It was in the car when I bought it, but it doesn’t look original. Five years ago I roughly cut some holes for speakers but now I have decided that making a new shelf will be a nice project.

It’s cold outside so I used the kitchen table for this next bit (shhhh…don’t tell my wife). I bought some 5mm ply and used the existing parcel shelf as a template.I decided to buy some faux leather (which will be easy to keep clean) to cover the shelf and found a nice light blue (which matches the pony interior), on Amazon. I ordered 2 meters which should be plenty.

I had a 5 year old can of spray adhesive which I used to coat the ply and underside of the material. I then laid the material over the ply and used a roller to ensure there were no air bubbles. After slicing the material covering the speaker holes I test fit it in the car. I’m quite pleased with the outcome. One more job done 🙂

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