New Wheels

The car came with a set of old school Cragar rims. The chrome was de-laminating in places and rust had set in. A new set of wheels is quite an expense, so it took a year or so before I splashed out on a new set of 15×7 American Racing Torque Thrust II’s (That’s some name!). As I do for most of my parts, I bought them from CJ Pony Parts, which worked out more affordable even with the import costs.

The other issue with the Cragar’s, or more specifically the rubber on them, was that every little bump resulted in rubbing and burnt rubber smell. When I got the car it had 255 x 60 15’s – For the new rims I went with 215 x 60 15’s. As you can see in the picture below, there’s quite a diameter difference. No more bad noises from the rear…..

Job Done!

Old vs New (You can see the rust on the Cragar’s also)

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