Painting the rear shocks

Whilst the backend is out I thought I’d paint the rear shocks the same colour as the 3rd member. It’s also nice to have a project that I can complete as everything else is in varying states of play.

Removing the shocks was actually easier than I expected. Because the fuel tank was out I was able to hold the shock whilst using the impact wrench to remove the nut from within the car.

I then gave them a sanding with 80 grit sandpaper, removing any loose paint, rust & the paper labels before giving them a coat of red primer.

Once the primer was dry I gave both shocks a coat of rustoleum red. This will be the same colour I use on the 3rd member also.

I also sanded the leaf spring mount plates before giving them a coat of rust inhibitor. Then a coat of gloss black. These all go into storage until re-assembly.

I finally finished the rear end reconditioning so the shocks are now back on the car. Ignore the brake line below. I was test fitting the old line with the new brake hose.

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