Reconditioning an axle backing plate

The passenger side axle backing plate has groves in the high spots, designed to stop the brakes from squeaking. I’ve seen a few people add spot welds and then grind them flat, so that’s what I’ll do!

First I used oil & grease remover to get rid of most of the crud then I used a small flap disk and a wire wheel on the drill to remove as much as the surface rust as possible, The wire wheel was good for removing the rust from the wear marks off the contact pads. One was really bad but all the pads had grooves.

Then I used the MIG welder to fill the grooves on the contact pads before using a small flap disk on the drill to try and get them flat again.

They look a lot better than they did beforehand so hopefully this has given them lots more years of use. I’ll be shooting primer and then a coat of engine enamel black on them to finish them off. Job Done!

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