Reconditioning Drivers side door

As the drivers door was removed to help with the frame rail rust repair I decided to sort out the rust that I patched up 5 years ago. At that time the repair consisted of sanding and filler. This time I will see what needs to be cut out and replaced.

6th June 2022 – After 9 months I’m finally back working on the door. I have started to cut out the rusty areas and will attempt to patch the door with new steel. Hopefully my welding skills have improved!

There were a few small holes in one section on the bottom of the door so I decided to cut out a strip and spot weld in a new piece. I also added some new steel to the bottom right hand corner in a few places. Again, I spot welded these in place, ground the welds down and then gave each area a coat of rust inhibitor. I know its not perfect but I was pleased with both repairs.

A couple of thin coats of filler and some grey primer later and I’m calling that piece of the job done!

March 2023

The door has been back on for a while now but I just finished painting it and reinstalling the door card and hardware. I’m pleased with the finished product. I may add a coat or two of 2k clear later but for now this job is done!

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