Reconditioning the rear lights

I had removed the lights when I was working on the trunk. The wiring was a mess of many splices and old electrical tape. The units themselves were dirty and rusty so I decided to tidy it all up.

I started by laying down some body filler around the area of the rear valance and bumper. After a good sanding I applied some primer before some top coats (note: I’m planning on using some 2k top coat which should result in a nice finish to what is currently very flat paint)

Before installing the driver side rear light I had to weld one of the fastening screw posts back in place. I also painted the outside of the bowls black, just to tidy them up. Once done I installed the inner gasket before assembling the unit, then added the rear gasket before putting it on the car and doing up the screws from inside the trunk. I also tidied up the wiring for good measure.

After installing the lights I moved on to re-installing the reversing lights into the new valance. The rear end is looking pretty good now 🙂

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