Reconditioning the rear valance

The existing valance was the GT style with exhaust pipe holes and reversing lights. As I have decided to have the new exhaust end just past the differential I am replacing the valance entirely.

As expected, a fair bit of tweaking was required in order to fit the panel to the car. I also had to redrill the screw holes (x10) which wasn’t that difficult. Thankfully I had also ordered the two special bolts (not pictured) which connect to the valance and go through into the trunk area and are held in place with a nut, allowing the valance to be pulled tight to the car.

Once I was happy with the fit, I masked the area (as the rest of the car had already been painted) and sprayed a few coats of 2k wimbledon white aerosol paint. Once dry, the bumper went back on and then I reinstalled the reverse lights. Job done!

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