Replace Power Steering Pump

As well as a minor leak, the current power steering pump has always suffered from a pulley wobble. Recently the car has developed a rather alarming whine which I narrowed down to either an issue with the alternator or power steering pump belt configuration. I suspect the issue is on the alternator side but as the power steering pump is the ‘easier’ of the two replacement projects, I’ll start there.

I ordered a new power steering pump & alternator from CJ Pony Parts and waited the two weeks for them to arrive.

Removing the old power steering pump was simple as was installing the new pump. The problem is that the new pulley is larger than the original so I had to get a new belt. I did think about removing the old pulley and using that but it seemed a better option to use the new one.

In order to fit the pulley to the pump I had to buy a pulley fitting tool. I first oiled the pulley shaft and then proceeded to tighten until it seemed nice and secure and lined up with the crank pulley. The new pump cap was incredibly loose so I used the old pump cap which had a great fit. Finally no more leaking power steering pump!

Sadly the ‘squeal’ is still present so my hunch that its the alternator is probably correct.

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