Replace Transmission Cooling lines

I bought new transmission lines ages ago but decided not to proceed at that time. Typically, after replacing the headers I have found a leak at a junction point and now realise I need to replace the lines. This means I will need to remove the passenger side headers to have more room under the car. I also need to figure out what connectors I will need as I have read that 90 degree connectors will make things easier at the transmission end plus I have a non-standard radiator.

I also need to remember that its Dextron II transmission fluid I need, which is why I have put a picture of it here πŸ™‚

I managed to get the new hard lines (that came pre-bent) snaked over/under the steering linkage, cross member & sway bar. Once that was done I was able to connect them at the transmission end (made easier as the headers are currently off) and then at the radiator end, although I did not the cooling line adapters to allow them to attach to the radiator.

Once done I added fluid and turned the engine over without the coil attached. I am not sure if this will cause the fluid to pump or not as the engine is in park, but I can’t see any leaks at present πŸ™‚

Update: Well, I have a leak. After running the engine for a few minutes I had a small pool of fluid on the floor right below the rear transmission cooling line connection (the 90 degree connector). This is a pain as I may have to remove the headers to have any chance of getting to it.

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