Replacing motor mounts

Whilst under the car working on the replacement drivers side floor pan I noticed that the drivers side motor mount was missing a bolt from mount to block. I checked and it’s the same on the passenger side!

From what I could see the holes did not line up properly, either because they are the incorrect mounts or the chassis is twisted. I suspect its the later…but am hoping for the former!

It’s concerning that I have driven the car like this for 5 years!

From what I can find on the net, I should be able to buy 2 x 2257 motor mounts which should ensure everything lines up.

Update: Today was a learning day. I thought I had an issue with the motor mounts as they didn’t line up from one side of the car to the other. I suspected this was why only two bolts were used and thought that perhaps I needed to buy a left & right mount…and then it dawned on me, the motor mount points are in a different position on each side of the engine šŸ™‚

The engine is back in the car šŸ™‚ – To help with the install I didn’t tighten up the main motor mount/shock tower bolt but left it loose enough to be able to move the mount. This approach let me get the first bolt in and then with a lot of trial and error I was able to get a bolt in the other side in also. This is how the car was when I had it (just two bolts) so I have ordered a new set. For now I have longer bolts in two holes just to keep everything aligned.

Engine resting on the new mounts

The new motor mount bolts arrived today so I wasted no time to install them. It was a battle to get the two in on the driver side, but after who knows how many years, the motor is using 4 bolts as it should!

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