Replacing the Alternator

I decided to replace the alternator as the car had developed a horrible intermittent whine. I tried changing the belts, realigning the crank & power steering pulley but no difference. I suspect that the noise is the alternator itself (bushings etc). I quickly found that the alternator in the car was non standard (why am I not surprised!). A quick check of the numbers on the unit shows that it is an internally regulated Bosch unit.

I had ordered a new Alternator & Power Steering pump in 2020. When the alternator arrived I thought I had screwed up as it was packaged (and sold) as a 1 wire externally regulated unit. It sat in the shed for 4 months and I after doing a bit more research I ordered a new 1 wire internally regulated alternator. Imagine my surprise that when it turned up it looked exactly the same as the original one. On checking CJ Pony Parts part description I found a note saying they had incorrectly named the first unit I had purchased and it was actually what I wanted. So I now have two 1 wire internally regulated alternators! (no point sending it back as it would cost a fortune in postage)

The nice shiny new alternator is shown above. It fit perfectly and belt alignment is pretty much perfect out of the box. All that pain I have suffered due to the old unit!

I have now received the cable I have been waiting for and will hook it up to the connector on the back of the alternator directly to the battery. I hope that this work will remove the horrible whine.

Update : The horrible whine turned out to be badly aligned front tyres. After replacing the tie rods and idler rod and performing a ‘home’ alignment, the noise was gone.

The issue I now have is that the new alternator does not charge the battery. After one use the battery is dead. I need to spend some time to figure out why.

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