Replacing the carpet (again)

A leaky master cylinder and water damaged the existing carpet that I installed about 5 years ago. After all the work that has been done on the car, replacing the carpet felt like the right thing to do.

The three pictures below show the state of it. These were taken back at the start of all the work.

I also decided to replace the acqua with ford blue. I purchased the carpet (and the kick board pieces) from VP.

The carpet comes somewhat pre-moulded but does require trimming and holes need to be cut for the gear selector, hand-brake, headlight switch & seat belt mounts. For the kick boards I removed the old pieces and sprayed the new ones with contact glue.

The front carpet overlaps the rear on the top of the seat riser. To fit the front seats I had to push a screwdriver through the carpet and then widen the hole with scissiors. Once done I was able to fit the two front seats, all of the rear and finally the gear selector.

I used impact glue to attach the new kick panel carpets to the kick panels. I used clamps to hold it in place until the glue dried. Once set I did the same for the front and rear of the panel.

Once I had stretched and glued it as best as possible I used a small screw driver to push holes through the carpet, using the holes on the back of the panel as guides. Then I straightened the metal tabs on the back of the chrome strips, pushed them through the holes and bent them down to complete the install.

One of the last tasks is to reinstall the seat belts. This required some help in order to locate the transmission tunnel bolt holes. I then drilled holes for the retracter unit before bolting them in place.

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