Replacing the Carpets

The existing carpets were dirty and stained so I decided they should be replaced. I ordered them from CJ Pony Parts and waited for them to be delivered. I probably should have ordered the Ford Blue but I actually went with Aqua, which I preferred. Sorry purists!

The carpets were a real state – probably original

Whilst waiting I prepared by removing seats, quarter panels, shifter bezel and kick panels.

Seat removal

Removing the rear seat was easy as the backrest just ‘hang’s and the bottom section wasn’t bolted. The front seats were not so easy. Each is connected by four bolts, accessible from under the car. Each nut ‘should’ be protected by a rubber grommet in the floor pan. The grommet stops water and muck getting into the cavity. Of course, these grommets were missing (queue the beginning of another parts order!) and the bolts were well and truly rusted. A lot of WD40 and swearing (not to mention loosing a socket, which to this day still rolls around in the cavity) later, I had them free and the seats were finally out.

Checking for rust

With the carpet out I was happy (really happy) to find no major rust issues. As you can see from the picture below, there was a lot of surface rust and a huge amount of dirt/dust and bits of seat stuffing but no massive holes!

After a real good scrubbing with a wire brush, I painted the floor panels with an anti-rust treatment (rattle can).

The order from CJ Pony Parts arrived after two weeks (seriously, I wish I could get parts locally). The instructions stated that cutting to size would be required, which was true.

Tip: Use the old carpets as a template. But first leave the new carpets in the sun so that they are supple and can be manipulated easily.

As you can see from the pictures above, the new carpet looks great, although I would have liked it if the front carpet went further up under the dashboard. To finish the look I had also bought two kick panel carpet pieces in the same colour and two new kick panels. I used a strong aerosol adhesive to attach the carpet to the panels. Job done!

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