Replacing the fuel and brake lines

I decided to replace the fuel line so ordered a stainless steel set from VP. I am also going to have to replace the rear copper brake lines as the existing ones are not the correct length for the new rear brake hose I fitted.

This means having to buy a pipe flaring kit to add to the every growing collection of tools that will probably only ever get used once šŸ™‚

Whilst waiting for brake pipe & flaring kit to arrive I thought I’d do the relatively simple job of installing the fuel line. They come bent in half for shipping so the first thing to do is carefully unold it. It also comes pre-bent for the countour of the car but I found the front where it goes through the apron to be a real pain to get right. After quite a bit of effort and a fair bit of swearing it was connected at the front and loosely fit along the rest of the transmission tunnel.

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