Replacing the rear shocks

On examining the suspension, it was clear that the front & rear shocks needed replacing. I decided to start with the easier of the two jobs, the rear.

I started by removing the rear seats, providing access to the rear shock top mounting bolts. You’ll need an extension socket but be careful that the socket doesn’t come loose as you’ll spend ages (don’t ask) trying to fish it out. Once these were off I went under the car.

Removing the lower nuts proved to be a very frustrating job. I didn’t have an impact wrench at the time so It was all down to brute strength. I probably could have tried soaking the nuts in wd40 but I was impatient to get this ‘simple’ job completed. I finally managed to get the driver side off with a combination of wrenches. The passenger side was having none of it, so I had to revert to hack sawing the bolt – a job that took nearly an hour.

What a pain removing this was

Installing the new shocks went very smoothly. I had also bought some shock access plugs, which was a nice simple install.

I purchased the shocks & new rear shock access plugs from CJ Pony Parts. They were perfect replacements. Job done!

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