Transmission Mount Replacement

From what I could see of the transmission mount, it was in need of replacing. The first thing I needed to do was remove the transmission crossmember. To do this I first braced the transmission using a floor jack and some timber. I then removed the two nuts under the mount, leaving them on by a few threads just in case it dropped. The two crossmember bolts were next which, surprisingly, came out reasonably easily.

Once I was happy the transmission wasn’t going to drop I removed the two mount bolts and removed the crossmember. I used an impact gun to remove the two large bolts holding the mount to the transmission.

As you can see by the pictures, the old mount was pretty battered. The crossmember was caked in years of grease and dirt.

Rather than just reinstall the cross member as is, I decided to use some high temp paint which could be cured in the oven (don’t tell my wife) so I gave it a few coats and then ‘cooked’ it in the oven for 1.5 hours gradually raising the temperature from 180 to 220 degrees. It’s not quite the same colour as the engine which is good as I am considering painting the driveshaft that colour and this means it will not clash.

I then cleaned up the transmission before installing the new transmission mount. You can see the difference between the old & new in the pictures below.

Installing the new transmission mount was straightforward and the job was completed in quick time. The cross member looks good but the other areas around it look horrible!

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