On this page I’ll add links & comments regarding companies I have used to source parts/equipment. These are my opinions & I am not paid or reimbursed in any way.

To date I’ve primarily used CJ Pony Parts for most parts. Being based in the U.S I have to deal with high transport costs & customs fees and of course the 7-10 days it takes to arrive. One thing I like is that you receive a shipping price on checkout. This is generally on the high side, but at least it lets you decide to go ahead right away.

I have also used NPD, also based in the U.S. My only frustration is that, for international orders, you need to submit your order and wait for a shipping quote. I also find the part search a bit cumbersome compared to CJ’s however they are generally a bit cheaper and offer a wider range.

I recently found a company in Germany who stocks a great range of Mustang parts. They are, of course, more expensive as presumably they import parts themselves however I don’t have to pay huge shipping or customs costs, which make their prices reasonable. I have just ordered a few panels and have should have them in a few days.

There are also a couple of companies in the U.K however post Brexit, neither wish to send items to Ireland. And I’d also be liable for customs fees etc.

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