On this page I’ll add links & comments regarding companies I have used to source parts/equipment. These are my opinions & I am not paid or reimbursed in any way.

To date I’ve primarily used CJ Pony Parts for most parts. Being based in the U.S I have to deal with high transport costs & customs fees and of course the 7-10 days it takes to arrive. One thing I like is that you receive a shipping price on checkout (Lately the shipping prices have sky-rocketed making purchasing from them less likely, especially with added extra of customs fees).

I have also used NPD, also based in the U.S. My only frustration is that, for international orders, you need to submit your order and wait for a shipping quote. I also find the part search a bit cumbersome compared to CJ’s however they are generally a bit cheaper and offer a wider range.

I recently found a company in Germany who stocks a great range of Mustang parts. They are, of course, more expensive as presumably they import parts themselves however I don’t have to pay huge shipping or customs costs, which make their prices reasonable. I ordered some panels from them and one came damaged. Velocity sent me a new one free of charge – Fantastic customer service! – I’ve ordered quite a few bits & pieces from them now and really like there standard 60 euro delivery charge.

VP Autoparts are based in Sweden and have a decent range of Mustang parts. They operate a similar shipping system as NPD which means you have to wait for them to confirm shipping for larger items, but if you are not in a hurry it’s not a problem. I have found them good to deal with.

Based in Poland, however I haven’t used yet, but will be ordering a few parts soon. I do like that the shipping is automatically calculated an seems good value.

There are a couple of companies in the U.K however post Brexit, neither wish to send items to Ireland. And I’d also be liable for customs fees etc.

Do you know of any other European Mustang parts suppliers? – Let me know

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