Reconditioning the Trunk

Another pre-requisite to the frame rail rust repair. I don’t want to do any grinding/welding with the tank & lines in place, so it has to come out.

I thought the tank was reasonably empty so I used my 10l fuel can with a funnel to catch the fuel once I removed the drain plug (14mm). This trickled out for a long time. I then put the plug back in, removed the filler tube and fittings, removed the hose from the sender unit, cut the wire and lifted the tank out of the car. I then drained the remaining fuel.

The seam sealer and old paint needs to be stripped away. Once done I’ll know if there any repairs needed or if I can move on to applying new seam sealer and paint.

I started to dig deeper into the surface rust and found that it was worse than expected, especially on the passenger side. I could push a screwdriver through in some places. Rather than replace the entire panel I decided to see if I could patch it.

The next step is to grind back to good metal and then cut a piece to fit. However I then found that the area above needs work also. I think this can all be cut out and patched.

Unfortunately, once I ground away some more rust I found more holes and the top of the frame rail flanges are rotten. Because of this I made the decision that I’ll need to replace the top of the frame rails on both sides. This is a big job so I’ve parked it until the front frame rail work is done.

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