Replacing the front shocks

Replacing the front shocks in this case also meant replacing the springs. This is often discussed as one of the most dangerous amateur DIY tasks you can perform. Just google it and you’ll find lots of discussion. The key is research, patience, research and preparedness. Did I mention research?

For example, there are a number of different spring compressing products out there. You must get the correct one to make this as safe as possible. This means you want the INTERNAL compressor, not the external one.

The picture above shows the correct spring compressor to use. Do not use the one that compressors the spring from the outside of the coil. The metal tube is something I added so that I had a bit more space to use a socket wrench.

Update: Check out the page where I replace the UCA & LCA’s – I found a much better spring compressor that made the job much faster and safer!

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